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Geo 3 years ago
That room is decorated very nicely
3 years ago
She must have the most sensitive clit
3 years ago
My master made me do this 2 years ago
and a lot of other stuff too. A friend of his walked in once as he was sitting in an armchair and I was humping his leg only wearing stockings and suspenders. I absolutely loved doing it, pussy dripping wet and him watching and using me. Usually he would window fuck me after this. If he was mad at me though he would just walk out after the humping leaving me to finger my pussy and play alone. Sometimes he'd send my bestie in to lick me and make me cum while he'd watch.
David of San diego 3 years ago
She pleased her master. Good girl. Beautiful orgasm.
Wow 3 years ago
Holy fuck she's amazing! What a silly little stupid whore. Grinding her cunt till she goes PeePee on Daddy. Mmm
Please 3 years ago
I wanna please my master like that
Trippie 2 years ago
Wow what a nice chair.
Submissive 2 years ago
Please dominate me, i want to hump you like this, i need it omfg i need it.
Love it 3 years ago
I've had women cum on every part of my body.